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The Maryland Research Services (dba MRS, LLC) is a small woman-owned business chartered in Delaware and provides administrative and research services to public and private sector clients. MRS is an affiliate of WTEC and ITRI. They are a spin-off of Loyola University Maryland chartered to provide research services to the Federal Government and other research organizations.  They originated in 1990 as a unit of Loyola with about $500,000 per year of grants and contracts.  In 2000 they were spun off as a non-profit.  In 2005 they added on-site research support to Federal agencies, often facilitated by the simplified GSA award program. In 2012 MRS, LLC, was funded to cooperate with WTEC and ITRI. While the three companies cooperate with some of the same staff and methods, they offer Government clients options in contracting. WTEC is a non-profit, ITRI is a small business, and MRS is a woman-owned small business, which is applying for 8(a) minority status as well.

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